Feed Trough-Tibbers & Standards

Two types of feed troughs manufactured, Tibbers and a Standard double trough, lengths up to 3000mm long. Tibbers trough has a high and low side, this is ideal for feed wagons. Our standard trough is for feeding from both sides.

Design Features

Free standing or can be fixed down

Easy to move with a forklift

Available with end unit

Both types are suitable for use with feeder wagons.

Designed to current BS EN standard

Mastic sealant material supplied for joints

Uses for Feed Troughs

  • Tibbers troughs ideally suited to feed passages or outside of shed.
  • Standard trough where cattle feed from both sides.
  • Outside feeding areas.
  • Both troughs are suitable for use with forage wagons.

Design and Quality Assurance Provision

  • Design certificates available for your building warrants
  • Concrete design certificates supplied
  • Concrete strength cube reports available upon request