Culverts & Headwall

We can manufacture any size of box culverts to meet your project requirements, these can be todifferent lengths, widths and heights. Quick and easy to install on your project.

Head wall units can be manufactured for your culvert project, and are available in various sizes. Headwalls provide a method of retaining the embankment at the end of a culvert run.

Design Features

Manufactured to various lengths widths and heights

Can be any segment lengths up to 2 meters

Angled units to turn bends

Quick and easy to install

Lifting points incorporated to suit

Deliveries throughout the Qatar

Benefits of UC Culverts & Headwall

Simple and quick maneuver into place, easily installation, provide a solid structure and an adaptable safety solution, virtually maintenance free over a minimum of 20 years design life, non-pollution service, fully recyclable.

Design and Quality Assurance Provision

  • Manufactured to your drawings or design works can be carried out for you’re approval
  • Concrete design certificates supplied
  • Birth certificates available upon request
  • Concrete strength cube reports available upon request
  • ISO 9001 accredited