Embankment stabilisation beams

Embankment stabilisation beams are designed to work with piling to provide a quick method of stabilising embankments for bridges, cuttings.

Design Features

With piling can offer a quick method of stabilising an embankment

Half check joints to aid the joining together

Handed first and last down

Quick and easy to install

Designed to current BS EN standard

Incorporated lifting socket for installation with a designed and lifting loops supplied with certificates

Benefits of UC Embankment Beams

Simple and quick maneuver into place, easily installation, provide a solid structure and an adaptable safety solution, virtually maintenance free over a minimum of 20 years design life, non-pollution service, fully recyclable.

Design and Quality Assurance Provision

  • Design certificates available for your building warrants
  • Concrete design certificates supplied
  • Concrete strength cube reports available upon request


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