Sheep Dipper

We have developed a sectional sheep dipper tank; it comes in 5 sections or more depending on the length of your tank, which can be easily installed on a preformed foundation strip. This offers a long term option for sheep farmers when an old tank needs replacing.

Design Features

Sectional tank in 5 components

First down with a slide section and suction point for emptying

Standard section to offer flexibility In tank volume

Last down with a ramp to allow the sheep to exit the tank.

Male / Female locking system to allow neat joints.

Hydrophilic sealant material supplied for joints

Designed to current BS EN standard

Site requirements a small concrete foundation for installation onto

Uses for Feed troughs

  • Replacement for old tanks

Design and Quality Assurance Provision

  • Design certificates available for your building warrants
  • Concrete design certificates supplied
  • Concrete strength cube reports available upon request