UC Gully Pot

The UC Gully Pots are designed intended for road construction to channel rain water. It becomes standard and typically used in roadways for storm drainage system. Provide a strong robust unit that needs no concrete surround and are not subject for floatation.

Available Products & Dimension

UC Gully Pot

External Dia 550/650 mm
Internal Dia 450 mm
Wall Thickness 50/100
Depth 1100

UC Gully Pot Cover Slab

External Dia 700 mm
Internal Dia 650 mm
Wall Thickness 450
Depth 100

Benefits of UC Gully Pots

Simple and quick maneuver into place, easy installation, non pollution in service, virtually maintenance free over a minimum 20 years design life, fully recyclable, UC Gully Pot is delivered all over Doha and Qatar, 10 years manufacturing guarantee for production.

Design and Quality Assurance Provision

Manufactured and casted in high-stent mass concrete in accordance with Qatar Construction specification (QCS 2010 & 2014).