Bridge Beams & Decks

Support beams and deck units can be made various sizes to suit your project. Large or small projects are supplied. We can carry out bespoke special units upon request.

Design Features

Manufactured to various lengths to suit your project

Support beams can be made to tie into original abutments

Projecting steel for on-site works connections

Quick and easy to install

Designed to current BS EN standard

Lifting points incorporated to suit

Benefits of UC Bridge Beams & Decks

Simple and quick maneuver into place, easily installation, provide a solid structure and an adaptable safety solution, virtually maintenance free over a minimum of 20 years design life, non-pollution service, fully recyclable.

Design and Quality Assurance Provision

  • Manufactured to your drawings or design works can be carried out for your approval
  • Concrete design certificates supplied
  • Birth certificates available upon request
  • Concrete strength cube reports available upon request
  • ISO 9001 accredited